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4 Day Medan / Lake Toba 4天 棉兰/多巴湖

4 Day Medan / Lake Toba 4天 棉兰/多巴湖

Upon arrival at Medan Kuala Namu International Airport, will be greeted by representative. Then proceed to Parapat where the journey will take about 4 hours via Kota Pematang Siantar – 2nd largest city in North Sumatera, along the journey will pass through rubber and palmoil plantations

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DAY 02 : Parapat – Samosir Island Discovery – Sipiso Piso Falls & Tongging - Brastagi Highland
This morning, we will take a ferry trip across the crystal clear waters of Lake Toba to Samosir Island – a large volcanic island that is located in the middle of Lake Toba and has claimed to be the fifth largest lake island in the world. The island is the center of the Batak Toba culture and many of this people’s artifacts remain on the island. We will make a visit to Tomok, a village of the Batak Tobanese to see their traditional roofed houses, and the ancient stone tomb of their King Sidabutar is found. Here, you will also find good bargain of souvernirs made by the locals. Then, off to Ambarita, another village of Batak Tobanese where the ancient King’s house, Court house and the executionary place are being preserved. Afterwards,will take ferry back to Parapat. Next, we will proceed our journey to Brastagi Highland. Enroute several visits i.e. to: Simarjarunjung where you can sit and relax to enjoy the remarkable view of nature, Sipiso Piso Falls-a splender stream of water falling from a great height in Karo Highlands, and Tongging – to view Lake Toba from top. (Hotspring in Brastagi will be optional).

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DAY 03 : Brastagi Highland – Medan
This morning, you can enjoy superb view of the two volcasnoes, Mt. Sinabung & Mt. Sibayak. We will also visit local fruit market where you will have a chance to taste variety of tropical fruits, such as: Marquisa, (Love Fruit/Passion Fruit), Star Fruits, Pineapples, Bananas, Papayas, Avocados, King of Fruits “Durians”, and etc.Afterwards,proceed to Medan and upon arrival city tour where firstly we will stopover at batik shops for good product bargains (Batik Cloth is a cloth that traditionally uses a manual wax-resist dyeing technique and proudly worn by the locals on important events) and Maimoon Palace Historic Building which was built in 1888. We will pass by: The Grand Mosque and Kesawan Street of which has most of its remaining of original Dutch, English, Chinese and Malay architecture such as: Tjong Afie Mansion, Medan City Hall, and General Post office. And one of this city’s landmark i.e. the water tower, is used to supply water to the city of Medan.

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DAY 04 : Medan  Tour  – Airport
After breakfast, we will visit one of the local traditional market where you can find fantastic bargains of souvenirs and local interests. After that, you may try the famous Indonesian traditional massage (optional). Moreover, you will be given free time to explore one of the most visited place by the youngsters “Merdeka Walk” that is located directly across Medan City Hall where a lot of local favorite food and cafes can be found or you can shop at one of our malls in medan before transfer to Medan Kuala Namu International Airport for your return flight.

4 天棉/多巴湖

第一天 新加坡//巴拉巴特 (午餐/晚餐)
集合在新加坡国乘搭客机往北苏门答腊省的首府及经济贸易中心 - . ,是印度尼西的第三大城,次于雅
驱车前往巴拉巴特.逗留于北苏门答腊第二大城市-先达,沿途连绵一片的橡胶 及棕油园。
巴拉巴特位于多巴湖岸上, 多巴湖为东第一大内, 气候凉爽, 景象古朴典雅, 光名媚, 在徐徐和吹拂下, 静静地欣
在您面前的湖光山色, 不被此美景所深深感

第二天 巴拉巴特/莎摩西/安巴里达/巴拉巴特/西披抒披抒瀑布 西披抒披抒瀑布/达山 (//晚餐)
早餐后, 乘船前往半个小可抵达的莎摩西. 位于多巴湖, 329 平方英哩. 是最勇猛但心地仁慈的多巴巴
塔克族的故. 在此您可欣到四周迷人的湖景, 也可以前往拜访原始朴的舍和体会当地人的生活方式. 接着前往安巴里
, 在此您将看到当供王族在商国事所用的石桌椅。
乘船回返巴拉巴特,程前往达山。途西披抒披抒瀑布, 位于多巴湖北 24 公里, 360 尺的山上冲泻而下, 清新的
中伴着冰凉的水气, 全然注于此景此刻, 感受一分幽雅的景象, 能令您忘掉一切烦恼

第三天 达山/眺火山/水果园/ (//晚餐)
达山距离棉 66 公里, 海拔 4594 英尺, 在此您可清楚的眺形的席巴克及席彭火山. 另外此也以出产缤
目的花及新甜美的蔬果, 来此您不可错过百香果的人滋味, 当然, 也有其他的水果如, 橙,蛇皮果等等。
首先参观苏, 是棉最具代表性及史价的建筑物, 目前保有其煌雄姿。 接着, 沿途参大回
教堂, 市政政局等。

第四天 /新加坡 (早餐)
早餐后, 您去当地传统,在里您可以有很多选择,接着自由活動, 今晚将乘机返回新加坡。

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